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Conspiracy theorist calls Angelina Jolie “Zio-Mafia Witch”, says Jews want to “enslave the goyim”

A Facebook user has posted a disturbing antisemitic rant in which he accuses celebrity Angelina Jolie of being a “Zio-Mafia Witch”.

In an All Caps tirade, Philip E Taylor wrote that a “Rothschilds/AIPAC Zio-Mafia fake wars to create refugees”.

He accuses Jews of using Hollywood to “create the idols then their United Nations to uses them to sell bull shit to destroy Europe and America”.

He also says that “Jews keep themselves separate as a psychopathic state of mass murders and apartheid” continuing that Jews want to divide the rest of the world with “civil wars” and “mixed propagandized races to destroy non-Jews and enslave the goyim”.

Whilst the general content is an exaggerated, yet essentially familiar form of antisemitic conspiracy theory, it is worth noting that the refence to “mixed propagandized races” indicates that this is someone espousing far right views. In White Nationalist circles, the claim that Jews promote “race mixing”, as they often put it, is a common one, and Zionism is set against an alleged Jewish attempt to dilute other forms of Nationalism and national identity.

So far, over 80 people have reacted to the post.

His Facebook is littered with similar posts, such as blaming Jews for upheaval in Libya, and, of course, blaming “Jewish neo-cons” for creating ISIS.