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Parkland Synagogue vandalized with “free Palestine”, expletives over Holidays

A Synagogue in Parkland, South Florida, has been vandalized over Rosh Hashana.

The vandals wrote “free Palestine” on the Synagogue’s sign, as well as some expletives which reporters say were too obscene to broadcast on television.

According to the definition of antisemitism, it is antisemitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel. Even if this were not the case, vandalising a place of worship for political reasons, as that community marks the holiest period of the area, is a cynical attack on Jewish collectivity.

“This is highly disturbing, being that it is Rosh Hashana, to know that there are people out there trying to intimidate the Jewish community” Rabbi Shuey Biston told a local news channel.

Rabbi Mendy Gudnick said “this is the holiest time of the year. This is the Jewish New Year and so people are thinking about going to synagogue who don’t usually come to pray, and it gives them a little pause.”

It is currently believed that the incident was linked to anti-police activity in the area, as the number 12 was also painted, a number which has been associated with such anti-police activity. This is possibly because of the fact that the Synagogue held an event in support for the police.

The Mayor Michael Udine said “we were shocked and sickened by this because the Chabad, they are our neighbors and our friends”.

Rabbi Biston also commented “My message to the Jewish community is that, whenever we are faced with these acts of terror and violence and intimidation, we should all respond with acts of goodness and kindness and light”.