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Tennessee students: “may Allah annihilate the Jewish dogs”, “we need a new Hitler”,

The Canary Mission, a group which monitors antisemitic and other extremist activity on American University campuses, has exposed various Muslim students at Universities in Tennessee as having posted virulent antisemitic statements online.

Canary Mission had previously revealed a “cesspool” of antisemitism at Knoxville, University of Tennessee.

In a new investigation, Dana Swaies, who had previously been an organiser for the Muslim Students Association, and who studies at Middle State University Tennessee, was found to have posted a number of antisemitic statements on his Twitter. One tweet in Arabic read “may Allah annihilate the Jewish dogs”. Responding to a rocket attack on Israeli territory he tweeted “Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dog!!! May Allah annihilate you!”.

Dareen Ahmad, another member of the MSA at Middle State called for a “new Hitler” who he hoped would wipe out Israel.

Following the kidnapping of Israeli’s in 2014, Ahmad wrote “May Allah annihilate them…May Allah defeat them. Dogs,” and “May Allah annihilate you [Jews], Allah willing!”.

He also wrote that the “yahood” (Jews) are stopping Palestinians from returning home.

A freshman at Memphis University, Nadeen Elayan, called Jews “pussies” for mourning the murder of three Jewish boys by terrorists.

Mohamed Khalil, a sophomore at Memphis, wrote “fuck the Jews, may Allah annihilate them”.

Nadine Taha also accused “Zionists” of committing Genocide of Palestinians, directly comparing it to Nazi Germany, which is antisemitic according to the International Definition of Antisemitism.

Comments such as these demonstrate two things all-too-clearly. Firstly, they are indicative of a horrible environment for Jewish students on University campuses, who are being asked to co-exist with people literally and openly calling for their extermination, who often can do so with impunity. Secondly, they illustrate the extent to which anti-Israel discourse has crossed over a line into unambiguous and dangerous antisemitism, much of which amounts to incitement. Such a situation is intolerable for Jewish students, and Universities must start address antisemitism on their campuses before social media barrages like these turn into incidents of physical violence.

These are just a small selection of the comments from Muslim students in Tennessee.