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Tunisian arrested in Italy after waving knife at police and screaming “you are Jews. I will kill you all”.

A Tunisian man has been arrested in Bologna, Italy, after it was alleged that he shouted antisemitic threats at police and injured two of them.

Passers by had called the police after the man shouted curses in Arabic. The police arrived and found him sat on the steps of a Church. The 30-year-old Tunisian man, when apprehended by police, brandished a knife and screamed “you are Jews. I will kill you all”.

He was handcuffed, but allegedly still managed to injure two of the police officers, causing injuries that will keep them away from their duties for several days. He was allegedly arrested with an illegal substance on his person.

Bologna is home to a small, historic Jewish community. It is fortunate that this man was apprehended by police officers who were capable of detaining him before he was able to carry out any direct attacks on Jewish residents of the city.