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Flyers in Brazil claim that “All the Jews are murderers” who should be pushed “out the country”

Deeply antisemitic flyers were placed at a bus station in Esplanada dos Ministérios, Brazil. The street in Brasília is home to many government buildings.

One of the flyers reads “all the Jews are murderers, thugs and criminals. All the Jews. They worship a false religion, all the Jews are terrorists, Jews are crooks. Destroy Israel.”

A second flyer is captioned “out the country” and lists several groups of people, including politicians, journalists and, of course, Jews, continuing that “the earth does not need these margins of society, thieves, robbers, criminals and murderers”.

Calling for the deportation of Jews and unequivocally calling “all” Jews murderers is among the most toxic antisemitic rhetoric that we have to cover. Indeed, saying that the “earth does not need” Jews seems to come close to a call for Genocide. As such, we hope that the police will approach this incident with genuine care and concern.

We have limited information about the incident, or any investigation into it, but will update our coverage when when we have more.