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Flyers in Brazil claim that “All the Jews are murderers” who should be pushed “out the country”

Deeply antisemitic flyers were placed at a bus station in Esplanada dos Ministérios, Brazil. The street in Brasília is home to many government buildings.

One of the flyers reads “all the Jews are murderers, thugs and criminals. All the Jews. They worship a false religion, all the Jews are terrorists, Jews are crooks. Destroy Israel.”

A second flyer is captioned “out the country” and lists several groups of people, including politicians, journalists and, of course, Jews, continuing that “the earth does not need these margins of society, thieves, robbers, criminals and murderers”.

Calling for the deportation of Jews and unequivocally calling “all” Jews murderers is among the most toxic antisemitic rhetoric that we have to cover. Indeed, saying that the “earth does not need” Jews seems to come close to a call for Genocide. As such, we hope that the police will approach this incident with genuine care and concern.

We have limited information about the incident, or any investigation into it, but will update our coverage when when we have more.

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“Israel Genocide State” graffiti on Jewish school in Brazil

CFCA has reported that antisemitic graffiti was found on a Jewish school in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The words “Israel Genocide State” and “Free Palestine” were spraypainted on school property.

According to the Definition of Antisemitism, “holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” is antisemitic. The fact that somebody would take out their political frustrations on a Jewish school of all places is extremely worrying. Whatever one thinks about the Israel-Palestine conflict, it should not be taken out on an institution which has as its sole aim educating Jewish children.

Porto Alegre has had a Jewish community since the early Nineteenth Century, and is currently home to over 15,000 Jews.

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Jewish man told that Hitler should have killed all the Jews in Brazilian airport

A young, Jewish, Brazilian man was the victim of a verbal anti-Semitic attack at Rio De Janiero airport, in October.

Leo Rabinovitsch, 20, was checking in to an Anitalia flight to Tel Aviv via Rome, with his mother, when allegedly he was accosted by Fabrizo Trichero, an Italian passenger who hurled anti-Semitic abuse at him. Seeing Rabinovitsch’s kippah, Trinchero made the Nazi salute at him, and screamed that Hitler should have exterminated all the Jews.

Rabinovitsch, whose only crime was being Jewish was shocked by the outburst. “Such offensive and sudden aggression was totally unexpected,” he told JTA. “He was fuelled by much hatred. He said he didn’t like either Jews or Muslims, and that Jews owned the World Bank.” Conspiracy theories such as these are common, and fuel anti-Semitism.

The incident at Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport, was reportedly witnessed by a number of staff and fellow passengers, whose presence potentially prevented this attack from turning violent.

Fabrizio Trinchero was released after paying a $600 bail following his arrest.

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Major Brazilian newspaper brands new Israeli ambassador “the Jew”

One of the most prominent newspapers in Brazil, O Globo, published in Rio de Janeiro, has covered a diplomatic spat between Israel and Brazil by calling Israel’s proposed new ambassador to Brazil “the Jew”.

An article on O Globo’s website is headlined “Experts opine on the appointment of the Jew Danny Dayan as an ambassador to Brazil” (Especialistas opinam sobre indicação do judeu Dani Dayan para embaixador no Brasil).

Source: CFCA/NRG

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KKK-inspired posters in Brazil warn that Jews and others will be hunted down

Posters inspired by the Ku Klax Klan have been found in Niterói, Brazil. The posters threaten “communists, homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, blacks, antifascists, drug dealers, pedophiles and anarchists.” One poster said: “We will hunt anyone who wishes to hurt our country and its citizens. We have been working in the shadows more than you, so don’t underestimate what you don’t know.”

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