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NY Haredim protest after police allegedly manhandle 3-year-old Jewish boy, community suspects Antisemitism

Jewish residents of Monson, New York, have staged a protest after police allegedly mistreated a 3-year-old Jewish boy

The boy reportedly returned to his home last Friday after Summer school to find the door locked. He waited at the front of the house and was spotted by a non-Jewish neighbour who called the police.

Another neighbour, this one also a member of the Haredi community, took the boy in. The police arrived at the neighbours house, left, and then returned to take the child to the police station. It is alleged that they manhandled the boy, throwing him into the back of a police car “like a sack of potatoes”.

The boy was apparently so scared that he wet himself in the car, and no attempt was made to calm him at all, despite the fact that he was visibly distressed and terrified about being taken by the police.

There seems to be no reason for police officers to have to apply such a level of force to a three-year-old child, even if they are resisting.

Local organisers wrote the following:

“Dear Monsey residents, we all know what happened last Friday, when two officers dragged a three-and-a-half-year-old boy to a police car with no legal right! Dragged him from the house [of a neighbor] to a police car, with the child in shock [causing him] to wet himself in the police car. That is outrageous! This is absolutely antisemitic, they had no legal right to take a person from inside a home without a warrant or a court order!”

Whilst we cannot comment on whether the police had the legal right to take the child from the neighbour’s house, if it is true that he was treated with such a disregard for his mental and physical well-being, then this report is extremely worrying, particularly when it concerns a boy so young, and particularly if an antisemitic motive is indeed found.

It is not known whether a formal complaint has been made in relation to the incident. Unfortunately, despite police mistreatment of ethnic minorities having become a major talking point in the United States, it appears that only news sources which cater to the Orthodox Community have covered the incident.