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Haaretz journalist Allison K Sommer compares Haredim to neo-Nazis

Allison Kaplan Sommer, a journalist for the English language edition of Haaretz, has compared Haredim in Israel to neo-Nazis.

Writing on Twitter, Sommer said “Sorry, Tal, but the haredim are as as hateful to Reform Jews as the neo-Nazis are to Jews, and secular Israelis stand by silently”

Whilst there are genuine problems in terms of intra-communal relations in Israel, and legitimate criticisms can be made of the response of some Haredim to non-Orthodox Jews, such a comparison is flippant, inflammatory and comes across as deliberately hurtful, as does any attempt to compare Jews to Nazis.

She faced a backlash from her Twitter followers, and from others, but does not appear to have apologised for her comments.