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Romanian pop star Xonia poses for provocative photos at Holocaust memorial in Bucharest to dismay of fans and Jewish communities

Australian-born Romanian pop star “Xonia” has attracted large amounts of criticism, including from her own fans, for posing “seductively” at the Bucharest Holocaust Memorial.

Many fans criticised her after the pictures, which feature her wearing very little, were posted on her social media. One commented “those people were gassed and you chose the monument that commemorates them to show your a** there?! Very ugly!”

Despite the outrage from fans, the photos remain on her social media and it appears that she wishes to use the photos for an album cover.

The Elie Wiesel Institute for the Study of Holocaust in Romania is supposed to approve any commercial activity that takes place around the memorial, and they are currently investigating, having expressed their dismay at the situation.

The sheer crassness of using this location for commercial activity, let alone in such a blatantly sexualised way, is shocking. It is encouraging to see that even Xonia’s fans have criticised her for the blatantly disrespectful photographs, but the prospect that she may yet use them for commercial gain is troubling.