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Jewish family beaten, tied up and robbed in their own house in antsemitic attack in Paris

Members of a prominent Parisian Jewish family were brutally beaten and held hostage in their own home on Thursday.

Three attackers allegedly broke into the house of Victor Pinto and his family, shouting “you are Jewish, you have money”.

Pinto is the President of the Siona group, which represents Sephardi Jews.

The attackers cut through the window bars of the house before cutting off the electricity in the house. They then tied up Pinto’s son and beat his wife.

Pinto was finally able to contact the police on Friday morning, whereupon the attackers fled.

The attackers are reportedly three black men in their 20s and 30s. They made off with jewellery, cash and credit cards.

The Pinto family were taken to hospital for treatment, but are unsurprisingly “extremely traumatised”.

The National Bureau for Vigilance against Anti-Semitism called the attack “manifestly antisemitic”, a characterisation with which we would have to agree. This is not a mere robbery “gone wrong” as such attacks are sometimes dubbed. Instead, the family were subjected to a prolonged and violent ordeal, and were clearly identified as Jewish beforehand. They were subjected to antisemitic abuse and reportedly “threatened with death” as they were “violently beaten”.

Whilst an incident as shocking as this can unfortunately happen anywhere, it is likely to serve only to deepen the feeling that Jews are becoming unwelcome in France, and in Paris in particular, with antisemitism spiralling out of control. We await the response of the police, particularly after French Jewish groups recently claimed the authorities “whitewashed” the antisemitic character of the murder of a Jewish woman.