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Turkish “satire” shows a caricature of a Jew drinking blood, controlling world politics

Sumac, a satirical newspaper supportive of the Turkish government, has published a piece of blatantly antisemitic propaganda portraying an Orthodox Jew drinking blood and controlling world affairs.

The cartoon shows a caricature of an ultra-Orthodox Jew drinking from a teacup with the European Union flag and with the NATO symbol on his shoes. He sits opposite Donald Trump, portrayed as Caligula.

This is a classic example of an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Such conspiracy theories often portray Jews as manipulating world affairs and being “behind the scenes” of world politics. The use of conspiracy theories is commonly used to incite hatred and violence against Jewish individuals.

The two are being served what appears to be blood by Golen, a former preacher who is exiled in the USA due to his alleged involvement in the Turkish coup.

Portraying Jews as drinking blood is known as blood libel, a defamatory accusation against Jews that dates back to the Middle Ages, when Jews were accused of killing Christian children to bake matzo. It has been used to incite countless pogroms against Jews.