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Turkish newspaper read by thousands of people publishes series of antisemitic cartoons

MEMRI have exposed a series of antisemitic cartoon that was published by Turkish newspaper Yeni Asya.

The cartoons, which is the work of İbrahim Özdabak, were made in response to calls in France to censor some antisemitic passages of the Quran. France has a growing antisemitism problem, which is often driven by Islamic extremism and which has increasingly spilled over into serious antisemitic violence in recent years. 

The cartoons have been produced since 2005, but were all reprinted by the newspaper last month in an edition that sold over 11,000 copies.

One cartoon shows a caricature of a religious Jew, covered in blood and flanked by missiles captioned “remove the verses about us from the Quran”. Another shows the UN as a puppet attached to a Magen David.

One shows another antisemitic caricature portrayed as Nero, playing a harp as the Islamic world burns.

Several compare Israel to Nazi Germany, including equating Gaza with the Holocaust.

Europe Everyday Antisemitism Featured Location Medium Newspaper Turkey Ξ Channels Ξ E-mail Ξ Social Media

Turkish “satire” shows a caricature of a Jew drinking blood, controlling world politics

Sumac, a satirical newspaper supportive of the Turkish government, has published a piece of blatantly antisemitic propaganda portraying an Orthodox Jew drinking blood and controlling world affairs.

The cartoon shows a caricature of an ultra-Orthodox Jew drinking from a teacup with the European Union flag and with the NATO symbol on his shoes. He sits opposite Donald Trump, portrayed as Caligula.

This is a classic example of an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Such conspiracy theories often portray Jews as manipulating world affairs and being “behind the scenes” of world politics. The use of conspiracy theories is commonly used to incite hatred and violence against Jewish individuals.

The two are being served what appears to be blood by Golen, a former preacher who is exiled in the USA due to his alleged involvement in the Turkish coup.

Portraying Jews as drinking blood is known as blood libel, a defamatory accusation against Jews that dates back to the Middle Ages, when Jews were accused of killing Christian children to bake matzo. It has been used to incite countless pogroms against Jews.

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Besiktas fans tweet “Burn the Jews” and other antisemitic abuse in match against Hapoel Beersheba

Fans of the Istanbul-based Turkish football club have tweeted large amounts of antisemitic abuse following their European qualifying match against Hapoel Beersheba.

Avlaremoz documented some of the tweets, which included:

“We will write ‘champion Besiktas’ on Jewish sperm.”‎

“We drew Jewish sons of bitches. If we do not score 5 goals, we are not men. ‎Jewish bastards.”‎

“You will say ‘Mr. Besiktas who f—s Jews.'”‎

‎”We want Jewish asses.”‎

“Do not return without raping the Jewish bastards. Wish you success, Besiktas.”‎

‎”Hey Israel, we are coming to f— your mothers!”‎

‎”We drew Hapoel. There will be +18 Jewish porn. Nice lots.”‎

‎”Get ready for World War IV. My Besiktas will play against the Jewish bastard ‎Israeli team. There will be a bloodbath. Hapoel [Beer]Sheba.”‎

‎”Come on, Jewish bastards. Let us vomit our hatred on you.”‎

“Are you ready, Besiktas? This time you will walk up to the Jew.”‎

‎”Let’s go to Israel and burn Jews for the love of Besiktas.”‎

One referred to a Hadith of Jews hiding behind trees, tweeting “So we will Fuck the Jewish sperm behind gharqad trees one by one?”.

Earlier this week we covered similar antisemitic tweets originating in Turkey, following political unrest surrounding the assassination of the Russian ambassador, and last month a Turkish Jewish writer was murdered in the street with a police investigation still in progress, which is yet to rule out antisemitism as a motive.

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Turkish twitter users blame “Zionism” and “lowlife agent of the Jewish lobby” for assassination

Following the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey,  many Turks have taken to Twitter to blame the attack on Zionists and Jews.

Avlaremoz, a Turkish publication which deals extensively with Jewish issues, documented several tweets, some of which included:

“The real enemy of all the Muslims and all of the oppressed in the world is Zionism and the cursed Israel. Behind the assassination is the Jewish lobby and the USA”

“The assassin is a lowlife agent of the Jewish lobby”

“The Jew does not want Turkish-Russian rapprochement. By inciting Islamophobia, their pawn in Turkey is also involved in the game. Whoever will benefit from this should be the perpetrator. (Dograel – a distorted form referring to the word Israel.)”

“This looks like Jewish work. Simple and effective”

“The assassin has the typical Jewish look. I don’t know if it’s just me but he is a real Jew”

After the attack, protesters invaded the HQ of the People’s Democratic Party, which is pro-Kurdish in its stance, climbing to the top of the building and starting fires, yet many took to Twitter to blame Jews for the further unrest:

“If you were not treacherous, if you were not kafir, if you did not have Jewish roots, you would not attack unarmed soldiers. Victory will be ours, hell will be yours.”

“As you have cowardly asses, you were not able to confront our soldiers and you carried out a treacherous bomb explosion, you Jewish bastards. You will not make it. Revenge will be ours, remember that.”

“Hey you, cowardly Jew, whose humanity is only as much as his money. As you and your dogs burn in hell, those who you have made martyrs will be in heaven.”

“Obviously, we will not have peace unless there are explosions in Iran, England and in the Jewish lands.”

“Cowardly, undignified ones with no honor. You do not have the courage to stand up to a single soldier of ours. Satans. Armenian, Jewish sperms. You will all be croaked.”

“We do not want death penalty for them. We want torture for them. Let them all pay for what they have done, Jewish dogs.”

“Vile, ignoble, Armenian, Jewish, dogs of Hitler. They attacked our soldiers again dastardly. May Allah curse you. The pigs of the EU, USA and Israel.”

“You will not make it, ignoble servants of Jews. This system will change and this country and this nation will get rid of you. Get out and take your owners with you.”

“You Godless ones, those without a holy book, you Armenian, Jewish, Persian, kafir underbred ones. Cursed sperms of rats. Enough is enough.”

Such tweets are illustrative of how even when an event occurs which involves no Jews, to which there is no logical or reasonable connection to Jews, Israel or Judaism, and for which there is no evidence, even circumstantial, that Jews have been involved, that Jews will nonetheless become a scapegoat.

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Jewish writer murdered in Turkey, antisemitism suspected as motive

The popular Turkish-Jewish author Beki İkala Erikli, has been found murdered in Istanbul.

Erikli was found shot outside her office in Istanbul.

It was reported in the Turkish press that she had been shot three times in the afternoon, and was found lying in a pool of her own blood.

She is married to a Turkish Muslim man, and briefly lived in America before returning to Turkey.

The local Jewish community, of which she was an active member, raised concerns that this could be an antisemitic murder.

Erikli’s books were apparently popular among Turkish women.

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Turkish journalist defines chimps and gorillas as “Cursed, mutated Jews”

In an article for Vahdet, a radical Islamist and pro-government Turkish paper, journalist Seyfi Sahen referred to the chimps and gorillas of North Africa as “cursed Jews…perverted humans that have mutated.” Sahen argues that Allah has cursed “perverted” Jews and therefore they have mutated into chimps and gorillas as a result. Throughout this article, Sahen accuses Jews of “terrorising the world of science” while also writing that Jews have “banks and money.” Sahen is thereby using the same type of propaganda that was used against Jews by the Nazis, by proposing that Jews are not to be considered human beings, and also by reinforcing the stereotype of Jews controlling the banks.

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Palestinian writer claims Israel buys ISIS slaves and converts them to Judaism

A Gaza-based journalist has accused Israel of buying slave-girls from ISIS and converting them to Judaism, as well as exploiting terrorist incidents and natural disasters, during an antisemitic rant on Turkish television.

Tawfiq Abu Shomar made the accusations on 15th January in an appearance on the TRT Arabic channel, claiming that Israel does so in order to strengthen its Jewish population.

He said: “For a long time Israel has been striving to bring over the Jews, especially from Europe. They especially want the Jews of France, because they consitute the largest comunity, numbering half a million. My warning should be viewed in context. Israel attracts the (Jewish) immigrants, that’s true, but it also takes advantage of the circumstances in order to bring them.

“This is the main point. It uses natural circumstances, even earthquakes. During the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Israel brought over a large number of Haitians, and had them converted to Judaism. Many such children live (in Israel).

“Israel has benefited not only from France, but also from Iraq. It has brought over Yazidis. A large number of Yazidis are now being converted to Judaism and absorbed there. In addition to the ruling Jewish authorities, there are organisations abroad that buy slavegirls on the ISIS market and take them to Israel.”

Abu Shomar is described as a writer and political analyst, and is head of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society’s cultural department.

Source: MEMRI

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Turkish synagogue defaced after being used for the first time in 65 years

İstipol Synagogue in İstanbul’s Balat neighbourhood has been sprayed with graffiti reading: “Terrorist Israel, there is Allah!” The incident took place after the synagogue was used for the first time in 65 years on 8th January and the graffiti has now been painted over.

The synagogue is surrounded by tall brick walls topped with railings topped with barbed wire. Balat is historically a Jewish neighbourhood in İstanbul. There are nine synagogues in the area but only two of them are currently active. Today, certain areas of the neighbourhood are covered with spray-painted Turkish nationalist symbols, such as wolves and three crescents. Turkish nationalist symbols are prevalent in the Balat neigborhood, which used to be a home to many local Jews. Recently the Turkish Jewish community has increased its visibility including the first public menorah lighting in İstanbul’s Ortaköy Square, the first such public celebration of Chanukah in Turkey.

İvo Molinas, the editor-in-chief of the Jewish community’s weekly newspaper, Şalom, expressed his frustration in an interview with Today’s Zaman: “Writing anti-Israel speech on the wall of a synagogue is an act of antisemitism. There is widespread antisemitism voiced in Turkey and it gets in the way of celebrating the richness of cultural diversity in this country.”

Source: CFCA/Today’s Zaman

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Turkish Prime Minister explains he ‘only’ wants the same powers as Hitler

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been condemned for defending his request for greater authority by claiming that he only wants the same powers as Adolf Hitler held.

Erdogan stood for the largely powerless role of president last year after being constitutionally prevented from running for a fourth term as prime minister.

Since then he has pushed for constitutional change that would allow him greater influence, while continuing to pursue an Islamist agenda.

In response to arguments that giving the president political power would not work in a unitary state, he cited other ‘successful’ cases from the past.

“There are already examples in the world,” he said. “You can see it when you look at Hitler’s Germany. There are later examples in various other countries.”

Within Turkey he was criticised for apparent dictatorial ambitions, and Middle Eastern online commentators took to Twitter to ridicule his remarks. Twitter user Cahida Dersim posted that “Turkish Pres #Erdogan says Hitler’s Germany an example of presidential system with unitary state. Yes, we have just entered the year 2016!”

The comments were seen as the latest in a series of statements insensitive to Jews. In the past he has likened Zionism to fascism, given financial and diplomatic support to Hamas and called for Turkish Jews to issue a statement condemning Israel.

Source: Telegraph

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Jewish lawyer subjected to antisemitic slurs online by Turkish Gülen Movement

After being hired by the Republic of Turkey to investigate the activities of the Gülen Movement, Jewish lawyer Robert Amsterdam has been targeted for antisemitic abuse by Gülenist supporters. Gülenist supporters have reportedly issued death threats to the firm. Sıddık Filiz, a Gülenist supporter, said “The money comes from the nation, while the lawyer they hired is a Jew, and their target is to close down Gülen schools”

Photo: YouTube