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Argentine Jewish author breaks into tears on air when reading antisemitic email

Federico Andhazi, a Jewish-Argentine author and journalist, has broken into tears on air when recounting antisemitic abuse he has received.

The author was speaking on the popular “I give my word” program.

Andhazi began by recounting the story of his grandmother, Esther Fainzilber, who was arrested in 1953 in the Soviet Union when participating a study group, eventually fleeing the country.

He then began to quote pieces of an antisemitic email he received. One passage stated “Jewish Zionist, piece of scourge, not even good enough for poor quality soap”, which he said was just one piece of a long antisemitic email. This is of course a reference to the Holocaust, as soap was manufactured from the remains of many victims.

Andhazi commented:

“This is part of the mail and, really, it is the most readable, I read it because I do not want to keep silent, because when we keep silent, the truth is that it did not go well. They have no chances, democracy is here to stay, we will defend it with tooth and nail, let them know, and also with the words”

“You have to know that we will not be silent. You have to know that we will look for you. With law and justice. We will not be silent and we will not rest. We already know from which server this terrible threat came out. Let the criminals know, yes,  they are criminals, that it will not happen again. I promise in the name of Esther Feinzilber, in the name of my grandfathers, who had to flee their land because of people like them. But I have bad news for them, this time they will not be able to”

A video, in Spanish, can be viewed here.