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Jewish man’s home in Melbourne vandalized with Nazi graffiti on Christmas Day

A Jewish man in the Elsternwick neighbourhood of Melbourne awoke on Christmas morning to discover that Nazi imagery had been spraypainted onto his house.

Swastikas, “SS” and other Nazi imagery were spraypainted onto the windows and walls of the house, with the vandals having to scale a wall to get to the property, clearly indicating that they had purposely targeted a Jewish household.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, commented

“We decry this disturbing act of bigotry which is an attack on the decency of all Australians

“I am alarmed by the growing level of malicious anti-Semitic vandalism and graffiti which constitutes a matter of great concern. It fits a pattern of increased racist crimes targeting the Jewish community. 

The Nazi swastika is a universal symbol of hate that represents pure evil, and is meant to intimidate and instill fear within religious, ethnic and cultural groups. This type of hate has no place in Australia, and such cowardly attacks are repugnant and are a gross violation of our values. 

There is no doubt that the spike in these threatening incidents, which traumatise the victims and create a climate of fear, serves as a sad reminder that anti-Semitism and racism are on the rise, and the message that must be conveyed by leaders across the political and religious spectrum is that this type of intimidating bigotry will not be tolerated. 

We must all say enough is enough, not in our city, and do all we can to combat this cancer.”

The victim posted photos to a Jewish Facebook group having covered up the graffiti with newspaper, but still felt shocked and disturbed having been the victim of an antisemitic crime.