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Neo-Nazis vandalize Holocaust memorial in Greece while others spray “Free Palestine” on it

A Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki, Greece has been defaced by antisemitic thugs from both the far left and the far right this week.

Members of the far-right, ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn, which has been justifiably described as neo-Nazi, defaced the memorial with the name of their party.

Golden Dawn had been protesting against Greece’s compromise with Macedonia over the latter’s name being identical to that of a region within Greece. The party’s history is littered with examples of its members expressing supporting for Nazism. Despite denying being a neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn uses a Swastika-like symbol as its logo and its members have been found to have hoarded Nazi propaganda and many have openly praised Hitler and Nazism.

Days after defacing the monument, members of the party returned to the area to hand out leaflets. By this time, the monument had also been defaced with the words “free Palestine”.

Sabby Mionis, a Greek Jew who made Aliyah 12 years ago and who now heads the Jewish Agency’s taskforce for combating antisemitism, commented:

“Despite this government and Prime Minister (Alexis) Tsipras’s staunch stance against antisemitism, racist activists still pollute many Greek institutions”

“Everyone knows Golden Dawn is a neo-Nazi party, but what’s even more dangerous is antisemites who—motivated by their hatred of Jews—work behind the scenes to sabotage the two countries’ relationship. According to a study by the Anti-Defamation League, Greek is still the most antisemitic (country) in the non-Muslim world”

Shockingly, Golden Dawn hold over 5% of the seats in the Hellenic Parliament and 3 of Greece’s 21 seats in the European Parliament.