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Two Cleveland Synagogues receive antisemitic voicemail messages

Police in Cleveland, Ohio, are investigating after two Synagogues received antisemitic voicemail messages in the last week. 

The Heights Synagogue received two antisemitic voicemail messages last Shabbat.

The Synagogue’s Rabbi, Rabbi Raphael Davidovich described the messages as “disturbing and antisemitic” and vowed to take further steps to ensure his community is kept safe.

The police have classified the incidents as “ethnic intimidation” and “harassing communication”.

Another Synagogue in Mayfield Heights also received a similar message the same day.

Police have classified the incident as “ethnic intimidation” and “harassing communication.”

A Jewish temple in Mayfield Heights, The Temple Israel New Tamid, received a message the same day, though police are yet to determine whether the two incidents are related.