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Bulgarian far right set to honour Nazi collaborator for third year running despite nominal “ban”

Groups of Bulgarian neo-Nazis, skinheads, “patriots” and others on the far right are preparing for an annual march in honour of a Nazi collaborator.

Hristo Lukov was a Bulgarian nationalist who directly cooperated and allied himself with the Nazis.

A march is due to take place on February 17th in Sofia, the country’s capital. The march has taken place annually for 15 years, but for the last 2 years it was nominally “banned” by the authorities. Despite this ban, the march still took place both years and no action was taken to prevent it, or to punish those responsible for illegally organising it.

If the Bulgarian government is serious about taking action against antisemitism and far right activities, they must actually enforce this ban and ensure that extremist views are not given a free platform on the streets of their capital.

In previous years the march has been accompanied with Nazi graffiti being plastered on local buildings, and Nazi books including Mein Kampf were on sale openly on the streets.

Newspapers and online publications that have covered the controversy surrounding the march have reportedly received abusive and threatening mail.