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Florida Congressman invites alt right Holocaust denier to be his guest for Trump’s State of the Union address

Matt Gaetz, the Republican Congressman for Florida, has invited an alt right Holocaust denier to be his guest for Trump’s State of the Union address.

Chuck Johnson was spotted in the congressional chamber at President Trump’s address on Tuesday. He purports to be an “investigative journalist” but espouses a myriad of white supremacist views.

Johnson was permanently banned from Twitter in 2015 after denying the Holocaust and for calling to “take out” Deray McKesson, a figurehead in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gaetz claimed that Johnson was given the ticket after he “showed up at my office”, having initially planned to give the ticket to his own father who later fell ill.

Johnson commented “let’s just say that I was down to be supportive of the President and I enjoyed being there”, but suggested that other Republicans had also invited him.

Gaetz may claim ignorance as to Johnson’s positions, but he has lent respectability to a Holocaust denying white supremacist at an event viewed by millions of people. More worrying still are reports that writing by Johnson has found its way onto the President’s desk. Both of these facts indicate a growing acceptance of the far right in America’s corridors of power, an influence which must be expunged if Trump’s America is to maintain even a veneer of tolerance.