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Politicians from Poland’s ruling party yet again openly express their antisemitism following Holocaust bill

Opposition from Jewish groups around the world to Poland’s controversial new Holocaust law, which criminalises any mention of Polish involvement in the Holocaust, has led to further outbursts of antisemitism, this time from various officials of the country’s far right Law and Justice Party. Last week we reported that the law’s passage had led to a spike in antisemitism.

Beata Mazurek, a spokeswoman for Law and Justice, tweeted a quote from a Catholic Priest saying that Jewish opposition to the bill “made it hard for me to look at Jews with sympathy and kindness”.

Jerzy Czerwinski, a Law and Justice party senator, said that the opposition was based on a “hidden agenda”, a comment made against the background of various commentators claiming that Jewish organisations wanted to extract money from Poland. After all, we know that Jewish circles, including American, but mostly the state of Israel, are trying to get restitution of property or at least compensation”, he continued.

A politician from the party has previously claimed that the antisemitic hoax the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a factual document. A lawmaker for the party wrote “I wonder why there are so many Jews among those performing abortions, despite the Holocaust”, in a claim eerily close to blood libel. A banner at one of the parties rallies demanded the “immediate liquidation of masonic Jewish life in Poland”. Another march organised by the party was  attended by thousands shouting white supremacists slogans, including calling for a “Jew-free Poland”.