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Man shouts “Hitler had the right idea” at Jewish woman in Melbourne car park

A Jewish woman has told Australian media about how she was subjected to antisemitic abuse in a car park.

The woman, called Jacqueline, told 3AW about how she was approach out of the blue in the car park of a Coles supermarket by a man calling her an “ugly f*cking Jew”.

She commented that she “couldn’t believe what he had said, I thought he misunderstood, but he repeated the same thing even more viciously and loudly”.

Then as she was about to walk away he shouted “Hitler had the right idea”.

The man was travelling in the passenger seat of a dark-coloured 4WD, driven by a man in his 70s and with a teenage boy in the back.

The victim is Jewish, but has no idea how she was identified as such.

Antisemitic incidents increased by 10% last year in Australia.