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Graffiti calling to shoot “Zionists” in Berlin

Graffiti explicitly calling for violence against “Zionists” has been reported in  Karl-Marx-Strasse in Berlin.

The graffiti, which was discovered late last month, calls for “9mm for Zionists”.

It also shows a hammer and sickle, as well as the words “youth resistance” and “youth ahead”.

Calling for violence against “Zionists”, whilst also being clearly irresponsible in the context of rising antisemitism, when violence is called for against “Zionists”, it is usually a thinly-veiled stand-in for “Jews”.

The graffiti was crossed out by passers-by.

Whilst the far right is propelling an explosion in antisemitism in Germany, there is also a growing problem of antisemitism from the far left and Islamists. Last year a resurgent far right led to four antisemitic crimes per day in Germany.