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Allure magazine editor accuses Gal Gadot of the “murder of hundreds of children” on Twitter

Rawan Eewshah, the editor of Allure magazine who previously has worked at Buzzfeed and Complex Networks, has resorted to blood libel in Twitter comments she made about Gal Gadot, Everyday Antisemitism can reveal.

The tweets came in response to Gadot posting an image with the phrase “protect kids, not guns”. Eewshah responded by referring to Gadot as a “child murderer” before continuing to claim that “your wcw took part in the murder of hundreds of children but posts “protect kids not guns” on her twitter”.

Claims like this are often made against Gadot, who served in the IDF. There is zero evidence that she ever harmed any children, let alone “hundreds”, and such claims are simply a contemporary variant of medieval blood libel myths, which have been used to incite violence against Jews for hundreds of years. According to the Definition of Antisemitism, “using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis” is antisemitic.

Allure magazine is read by well over a million people.