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Suspected antisemitic acid attack on Jewish baby in France

The 14-month-old daughter of a Rabbi in Lyon was rushed to hospital after acid was left in her pram.

The incident occurred on Monday. The baby was taken into hospital after her grandmother noticed burns on her body. She has suffered burns on her back and thighs, but is not thought to be in any danger.

The acid is thought to have been placed in the pram when it was left in a communal part of the grandmother’s apartment block. The acid appears to have been left in the inside of the pram whilst it was empty.

The police are considering the possibility that this was an antisemitic attack. A police spokesman said: “we take this case very seriously. But, for now, it is still unclear whether this case is an act of antisemitism, a neighborhood quarrel or gratuitous damage committed by thugs”.

The Rabbi alerted the police, who have taken the pram in as evidence.