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Antisemitic incidents at US Colleges see increase of 89%

The Anti-Defamation League has reported that 2017 saw 204 antisemitic incidents on college campuses, up 89% from the previous year.

The ADL includes any incident that involves “harassment (where a Jewish person or group of people feel harassed by the perceived antisemitic words, spoken or written, or actions of someone else); vandalism (where property is damaged in a manner that indicates the presence of antisemitic animus or in a manner that victimizes Jews for their religious affiliation), and assault (where people’s bodies are targeted with violence accompanied by expressions of antisemitic animus)” in these figures.

Whilst ant-Israel activism on campus often leads to increased antisemitism, this increase may also be partly attributed to increased far-right activity on campuses. Neo-Nazi groups such as the Atomwaffen Division, who Everyday Antisemitism documented last year, have been actively recruiting on University campuses, as well as staging stunts to publicise their existence and ideas.