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Virginia GOP leader disciplined for saying he wouldn’t vote for a Jewish candidate

Fredy Burgos, a GOP leader in Virginia, has been removed from the State Central Committee after he said he would not vote for a Jewish candidate.

Burgos had intimated in a Facebook post that he would never vote for a Jewish candidate, sharing a post which urged Christians to “to select and prefer Christians for their rulers”. Burgos had been supporting Tim Hannigan who was running against Jewish Republican Mike Ginsberg.

He has claimed his comments were taken out of context. However, it is difficult to see any context in which supporting a Christian over a Jew following a belief that only Christians are fit for office is not antisemitic.

Burgos has previously had to apologise for posting anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric on social media.

Rep Barbara Comstock condemned the “bigoted, backwards views” which have “no place in the Republican Party — the party of Lincoln and Reagan”.