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Virginia GOP leader disciplined for saying he wouldn’t vote for a Jewish candidate

Fredy Burgos, a GOP leader in Virginia, has been removed from the State Central Committee after he said he would not vote for a Jewish candidate.

Burgos had intimated in a Facebook post that he would never vote for a Jewish candidate, sharing a post which urged Christians to “to select and prefer Christians for their rulers”. Burgos had been supporting Tim Hannigan who was running against Jewish Republican Mike Ginsberg.

He has claimed his comments were taken out of context. However, it is difficult to see any context in which supporting a Christian over a Jew following a belief that only Christians are fit for office is not antisemitic.

Burgos has previously had to apologise for posting anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric on social media.

Rep Barbara Comstock condemned the “bigoted, backwards views” which have “no place in the Republican Party — the party of Lincoln and Reagan”.

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Charlottesville police refused to protect Synagogue from Nazis, forcing worshippers to remove Torah scrolls, exit through rear as thugs paraded outside

As more stories emerge from the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally emerge, the picture of the antisemitism of the far right marchers and the threat posed to Jewish communities and other minorities becomes more harrowing.

Newsweek reported that police refused to provide a Synagogue which stands just a few metres from where a neo-Nazi allegedly killed a counter-protester in a car ramming attack.

Worshippers at the Synagogue could hear neo-Nazis shouting “Sieg Heil” as they marched by the Shul. Armed neo-Nazis allegedly stood opposite the Synagogue in an attempt to intimidate them.

Rabbi Alan Zimmerman said his “heart broke” as he told his congregation that it would be safer for them to leave through the back entrance of the Synagogue after the service. Speaking of the anxiety of having armed neo-Nazis in the vicinity, he said “had they tried to enter, I don’t know what I could have done to stop them, but I couldn’t take my eyes off them, either”.

The Synagogue was also the subject of arson threats ahead of the march, causing the Torah scrolls to be removed for safe-keeping.

The fact that Jews were so intimidated at their place of worship, having been neglected by the police despite the obvious risk to their safety, is an illustration of how out of control the far right has become in America. With the far right now planning new marches in Texas and elsewhere, greater scrutiny of police forces by American Jewish organisations will be necessary to ensure that such events do not repeat themselves or worse.

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Over 100 Swastika leaflets left at Chabad student center in Virginia Tech

Over a hundred leaflets with hand drawn Swastikas were left at the Chabad Jewish student centre at Virginia tech.

The leaflets were left on Saturday afternoon and were discovered by Rabbi Zvi Yaakov Zwiebel, one of the directors of the centre, the day after the centre announced that it would be hosting Holocaust survivor Rabbi Nissen Mangel in April. Rabbi Mangel will be giving a memorial lecture to Professor Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who was shot on the campus with 31 others at a mass shooting on the campus.

Rabbi Zwiebel described the leaflets as a “disgusting act of hate”, saying that the incident is “surprising seeing as it is the first such act since Chabad on Campus at Virginia Tech was opened more than eight years ago”, continuing to say “we appreciate Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands, who quickly tweeted his support for the Jewish community, and we are in touch with the administration as they proactively respond to this incident”.

A rally in support of Jewish students and the centre is due to take place tonight (Monday 20th), which is extremely encouraging, as Jewish students are often left feeling isolated and without support when there is an antisemitic incident. We also welcome the apparent swift response of the police.


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Antisemitic “Juden” graffiti targets Jewish students in Virginia

Antisemitic grafitti was found on Sunday near student accommodation in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The word “Juden” was spray painted outside the GrandMarc apartment complex, above a Star of David. “Juden” means Jew in German, and its use alongside the Star of David is overtly reminiscent of the forced labelling of Jews with Star of David badges with the word “Jude” were used. The symbolism was also used to mark Jewish homes and businesses.

The apartment complex houses many Jews who attend the University of Virginia. Several students interviewed expressed how they were worried about being targeted because of their religion for the first time

The Student Council and the Jewish Leadership council said that the graffiti was intended to “intimidate Jewish students and make them feel uncomfortable in their community”. Such public displays of antisemitism take away safe areas for Jews, and turn home neighbourhoods into spaces where one can be subjected to prejudice and intimidation.

The Police are currently investigating. Jewish students who were interview have voiced their approval of the University who, despite the incident having taken place off University property, have been proactive in investigating and in providing services to report incidents such as this.


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FBI arrests white supremacists planning to bomb synagogues and black churches

Two men have been arrested by the FBI after trying to buy “an automatic weapon, explosives, and a pistol with a silencer” from an undercover agent. The men planned to bomb black churches and a synagogue. A third suspect was due to help the men rob and kill a jeweller and armoured car to raise funds for “the coming race war”.

Source: MSNN