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Hasidic man attacked in Crown Heights in “possible” hate crime

Police at New York’s 71st precinct are investigating a possible hate crime after a Hasidic Jew was attacked on the street.

Shomrim Crown Heights have said that a 42-year-old Hasidic man who was visiting Crown Heights for Shabbat was attacked in the early hours of the morning by three African-American men just a block away from the Chabad HQ at Eastern Parkway.

The assailants allegedly approached the man shouting “do you want to fight?” before punching and kicking him.

Whilst the police are considering the possibility that this was an antisemitic attack, the man was accompanied with another Jew who was not attacked. Nonetheless, Rabbi Eli Cohen noted “there’s no other motive” before expressing his hope that the attack is a one-off and doesn’t represent an escalation in community tensions in the area. Antisemitic violence in the area is quite common.

The victim was treated in hospital before filing a police report after Shabbat ended.