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Saudi “scholar” claims that Jews are trying to take over the world using Hollywood

Sheikh Sa’ad ibn Abdullah Al-Humayd, a Saudi scholar who is Professor of Hadith studies at King Saud University in Riyadh, has used his prominent position in the country to peddle an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Speaking on March 21 in an interview that was subsequently translated by MEMRI, he said “some people question the authenticity The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and indeed, we have some questions about this book” before continuing to say “it’s not clear how the news about so secret an organization can spread everywhere, especially since these people hold such power, as we all know. However, if we look at reality, we see that what appears in this book is implemented”.

He even speculated that Jews had circulated the infamous hoax themselves, saying “is it possible that they had studied the psychological effect that might be caused by reading such a book, and reached the conclusion that this psychological effect would serve them well? It’s possible. Only Allah knows. At any rate, we do not have proof for the authenticity of The Protocols, except for what exists in reality”.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a infamous antisemitic hoax that originated in 19th Century Russia, and which has continually been used to incite violence against Jews, including by the Nazis who made extensive use of the text and its accusations.

He then mixes in a slightly more recent “Jews control Hollywood” conspiracy theory, saying “if we consider Hollywood, for example, and look at the films it produces, and at the feverish competition meant to preoccupy the people with the arts, with sports, with theater, and with films, and to aggrandize those insignificant people, such as actors, male and female dancers, sportsmen and sportswomen… This includes bringing women into games which they cannot perform, but into which they have been cast. It includes the arts, in all its diverse forms. They drown the people in such an atmosphere”.