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Jewish teen beaten with belt in antisemitic attack in Berlin, catches attacker on camera to “give police something to go on”

A Jewish teen has been injured after being beaten by an Arab man on the streets of Berlin.

The victim is called Adam Armush and was interviewed after the incident, saying that “it happened right here, next to my home, when I was on my way to the train station with my friend” before commenting “I’m surprised something like this happened to me. I’m still in shock”.

He said that he and his friend emerged from his house in kippot and three men crossed the road and “started cursing us from over there…when they kept cursing us, my friend asked them to stop cursing, and that got them angry. So one of them ran at me. I immediately felt it was important to film, because I didn’t think we could catch him before police arrived. I wanted to give police something to go on”.

Armush, who was identifiably Jewish as he was wearing a kippah, managed to capture some of the incident on camera, but was lightly injured and required treatment in a hospital.

The attacker shouts “Jew” in Arabic as he repeatedly strikes the Jewish teen with his belt.

The attack was broken up by a bystander, who also appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin, who pushed the attacker away and told a bystander to call the police.

The video can be seen below, but only a censored version has been made available to the public.