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UCLA quarterback and NFL prospect reveals routine antisemitic abuse from stands

Josh Rosen, a Jewish quarterback playing for UCLA who has been tipped as a future NFL prospect, has spoken out about the routine antisemitic abuse he is subjected to from fans.

“I get a lot of Jewish things”, he said, “my nose, particularly. I get, like, ‘Stay the f*** down, you Jewish bastard … I’m gonna break your f***in’ nose, you Jew'”.

He also noted a sign which said “Josh Rosen’s Bar Mitzvah wasn’t even lit”.

Rosen has however said that he isn’t bothered by the abuse, commenting “it gets my competitive juices flowing”.

Rosen’s religious beliefs have been the centre of speculation, and though he describes himself as “kind of an atheist”, some have speculated that he will choose to go to a club in New York if possible due to the substantial Jewish community there.