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Teacher in Argentine Catholic school told students that “Hitler did some good”, blamed Jews for Holocaust

Denise Yanet Evequoz, a History teacher at a Catholic school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, allegedly taught her students that Hitler “did some good”, whilst spreading antisemitic canards to her students, ultimately blaming Jews for the Holocaust.

Evequoz teaches at the Jesus Maestro High School in Castelar in Western Buenos Aires.

“Jews took advantage of the people who needed money, they loaned the money and then they chased them to get their money back, always with interest. They had the money but they did not help Germany improve. They did not help the people to generate employment nor to create industries. This generated a certain hatred towards Jews” she taught in a lesson in 2015, audio of which has just been released.

“Hitler was demonized, treated like a demon, a kind of anti-Christ, but it was not so … He did good things, such as developing the transport industry, which was destroyed by war, restored employment and took Germany out of hunger”, she continued.

The Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires released a statement in which it says that Evequoz “reproduces anti-Jewish prejudices, vindicates the figure of Hitler and the Nazi regime, and denies his criminal, totalitarian, and genocidal character”, urging the school to discipline her. She has been suspended, but it is not clear whether this is a permanent measure. She has also been reported to the Department of Education.

Evoquoz has refused to apologise for her comments.