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Turkish journalist defines chimps and gorillas as “Cursed, mutated Jews”

In an article for Vahdet, a radical Islamist and pro-government Turkish paper, journalist Seyfi Sahen referred to the chimps and gorillas of North Africa as “cursed Jews…perverted humans that have mutated.” Sahen argues that Allah has cursed “perverted” Jews and therefore they have mutated into chimps and gorillas as a result. Throughout this article, Sahen accuses Jews of “terrorising the world of science” while also writing that Jews have “banks and money.” Sahen is thereby using the same type of propaganda that was used against Jews by the Nazis, by proposing that Jews are not to be considered human beings, and also by reinforcing the stereotype of Jews controlling the banks.

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Senator Ted Cruz refuses to condemn supporter who says God sent Hitler to hunt Jews

Senator Ted Cruz has said that his campaign “Welcomes the support” of various religious leaders, including that of Mike Bickle, an evangelist founder of the Kansas City Ministry International House of Prayer. Bickle claims that God sent Hitler to hunt Jews. Furthermore, Bickle has said that he predicts another death camp era, explaining that Jews who do not convert to Christianity by the time of the Second Coming will either die, or be sent to concentration and prison camps.

The National Jewish Democratic Council demanded that Cruz state his position on the beliefs of Bickle. Rather than firmly speaking out against Bickle and his beliefs, Cruz merely attempted to downplay the role of Bickle as an endorser.

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Mayor of German city criticises awarding tolerance prize to antisemitic group

Brigitte Merk-Erbe, mayor of the German city of Bayreuth, has taken a stand against antisemitism. The Bayreuth city’s tolerance prize was to be awarded to the controversial group Code Pink, participated in a conference in 2014 among Holocaust deniers. Furthermore, the organisation protested at an AIPAC conference in 2015 by calling for the elimination of the State of Israel, furthering their disqualification for an award that is granted based on outstanding “tolerance.”