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ISIS begins new video by making clear its special hatred of Jews

The latest ISIS video features typically graphic and barbaric scenes, which are not included in the clip below. ISIS makes clear at the beginning of the video that it reserves a special hatred for Jews, saying: “This is a message to David Cameron. Oh slave of the White House! Oh mule of the Jews!”

Source: ISIS

Everyday Antisemitism Iraq Syria Television Ξ E-mail

Iraqi and Syrian antiquities “experts” agree that Jews are destroying Palmyra and looting Iraqi artefacts

In a broadcast on Mayadeen TV, Iraqi historian and archaeologist Ali Al-Nashmi said that there was an international Jewish mafia that aimed to acquire Iraqi antiquities. Valid Al-As’ad, director of Palmyra Museum, contributed his view that Jews wanted to destroy Palmyra in order to erase the memory of their Babylonian exile.