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Minnesota Jewish student has “Nazis rule”, image of concentration camp drawn inside his dorm

Avi Shaver, a Jewish student attending the University of Minnesota, returned to his dorm room on Wednesday to find a Swastika and a picture of a concentration camp drawn on his bedroom door, as well as the words “Nazis rule”.

It appears that the vandal somehow got into his shared dorm and drew it on his bedroom door.

The incident is not only clearly antisemitic, but extremely unsettling given that the culprit has demonstrated he is able to reach Shaver where he sleeps. The incident could thus also constitute intimidation.

Both the University and the Police are investigating.

There have apparently been several similar, but less serious incidents at the University in the last year.

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American politician receives antisemitic abuse for her gun control bill

Phyllis Kahn, a Minneapolis Democrat and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, is currently proposing a new bill under which anyone who is on the FBI terrorist watch list would be barred from buying firearms in Minnesota. In response, Kahn has received numerous antisemitic e-mails and voicemails, some of which Kahn has published, including the following voicemail:  “Skank,” begins the message, “you [expletive] Jews from New York think you can [expletive] over law-abiding citizens because you are something special. Not! The reason the government black list is unconstitutional is there is no due process involved, dumb [expletive]. It won’t become law and would never be enforceable you ugly [expletive] bitch.  But you bottom-feeding scum don’t care about that! Go back to New York with all the other kikes!”

Source: City Pages