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Google suggests a Holocaust denier as the first search result for “Holocaust historian”

Jewish journalist Josh Nathan-Kazis, who writes for the Forward, has tweeted that Google’s top search result when searching for “Holocaust historian” comes up as notorious Holocaust denier David Irving. 

We corroborated the report, and found that Irving appears first, ahead of figures such as Raul Hilberg and Deborah Lipstadt.

David Irving, as well as being a Holocaust denier, reportedly claimed that British Jews were “not British”. He is an active speaker in neo-Nazi circles and has previously been jailed for Holocaust denial in Austria.

Last year we reported on the extreme prominence of Holocaust denial material on Amazon, which despite pressure from the public still seems to persist.


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Entering “Death to Jews” into Google Maps brings up Temple Mount

Google user Ari Feingold noticed that entering “Death to Jews” into Google Maps brings up the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Google has in the past had to manually edit search results to prevent the antisemitic “Jew Watch” website from appearing as the first result when searching for “Jews” and to prevent Google Direct from answering the query “Who runs Hollywood?” with “Jews”.

Photo: Google