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Amazon sells antisemitic Arabic “encyclopedia” promoting Jew hatred and Holocaust denial

An antisemitic Arabic-language encyclopaedia has been discovered on Amazon, not for the first time. The book, entitled “The Jews, The Illus­trated Ency­clo­pe­dia” by Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan aims to educate about Jews and “their wicked­ness, trea­son, and decep­tion which they prac­ticed with all nations so not to be deceived by them and by their promises of false peace.”

Chapter 1 is summarised with a text box saying: “This demon­strates that most of the world’s nations couldn’t live in har­mony with the Jews because of the low char­ac­ter­is­tics they carry, such as the ill treatment of oth­ers, decep­tion, greed and vorac­ity which keeps resurg­ing over the ages.”

A section on the Holocaust says: “Through huge media and pro­pa­ganda cam­paigns, the Jews used what hap­pened at the hands of the Nazis, to a small num­ber of them, to gain emo­tional and finan­cial sup­port from states around the world.” It also claims that fewer than 20,000 Jews died in the Holocaust.

Photo: ADL

By Everyday Antisemitism

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