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“Death to the Jews” in Netherlands supermarket

Reports have emerged that someone rearranged lettered products in a Netherland’s supermarket to spell out “Death to the Jews”

In Dutch the words read “Joden Daan Eraan”, which translate to “Death to the Jews”.

Further information is not forthcoming at this point. However, this is quite a disturbing public display of antisemitism, which is bound to make Dutch Jews feel uncomfortable, unwelcome and vulnerable when doing day-to-day tasks such as their shopping.

Though the incident was reported recently, it is unclear precisely when it occurred.

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Antisemitic graffiti on a Jewish shop window in France

Reminiscent of the  Nazi era when Jewish businesses were targeted for abuse and boycotts, and antisemitic writings were stuck on shop fronts, a post by Philo on  ‘The New Antisemite’ blog dated 22nd August 2016, shows a photograph of graffiti on a shop window in France which states ‘ commerde sale juif’. “Commerde” should read “commerce”, but works the French word “merde” in, which translates as ‘shit’. Translating the French text into English Philo writes: ” this could be interpreted as ‘ this shit shop belongs to a dirty Jew'”.

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Nazi headphones advertised as “Final solution to the audio problem”, an internet shopping community similar to eBay, added a controversial item to their inventory: a pair of Hitler-brand headphones with swastika insignias on each side. Called “‘Klangs’ by Hitler”, a pun on the popular headphone brand known as “‘Beats’ by Dre”, these headphones received quite a bit of attention from users.

Ori Ohana, a program coordinator for the organization Israeli Students Combating Anti-Semitism, explained that “In many cases, it [the glorification and normalisation of Hitler] is intended as a joke, but we believe that it is done mostly to keep the image of Hitler alive in an attempt to make him more normative, acceptable and popular.” ISCA has reported the headphones to in the hope that they will remove them immediately from their site.

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Searching Amazon for books about the Holocaust brings up Holocaust denial texts

A search on Amazon UK for the renowned historian of the Holocaust, Raul Hilberg, returns a book called ‘The Six Million: Fact or Fiction’ as its fourth result. The search also returns a book by prominent Swiss Holocaust denier Jürgen Graf on the first page and as well as books titled ‘The Hoax of the 20th Century’, ‘Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth and Reality’ and ‘Debating the Holocaust’. Clicking on any of these results reveals dozens of similar books as suggested purchases, many of which average 4- and 5-star reviews. As well as Holocaust denial, there are books alleging that Jews and/or ‘Zionists’ operate a global conspiracy to control world governments, that Wiemar Germany’s government was covertly dominated by Jews, that Jews ran concentration camps carrying our mass murder in the Soviet Union, and that the international Jewry overwhelmingly holds beliefs of ‘Jewish supremacy’.

Despite the fact that Amazon has, under public pressure, taken action to remove products bearing the Confederate flag, the company has yet to respond to various concerns about the amount of Holocaust denial material that is sold on the site. In 2008, Amazon removed a series of t-shirts, sold by Direct Collection, which expressed support for various prominent Nazis, citing as justification for the products’ appearance on the site the fact that as millions of products are sold on the site by third parties, individually screening each one becomes an impossibility. However, in the case of many of these books, they are being “dispatched and sold by Amazon” directly, thus no such defense can be offered.

Amazon’s general conditions prohibit the sale of “offensive material, including material that incites racial hatred or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation or age”. There is currently a petition for Amazon to remove Holocaust denial material.

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Chelsea FC vows action against “He’s one of your own” t-shirts depicting non-Jewish Tottenham player as a Chasid

Chelsea Football Club and Hammersmith & Fulham Council have vowed to take action against unofficial vendors selling an antisemitic t-shirt. The t-shirts depict non-Jewish footballer Harry Kane, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, dressed in Chasidic garb, with the slogan “He’s one of your own”. The reference is apparently to Tottenham Hotspur’s large number of Jewish fans.

The t-shirts were first discovered being sold outside Stamford Bridge on Sunday before and after Chelsea’s home game against Manchester United. Unfortunately, Tottenham Hotspur fans are regularly subjected to antisemitic slurs at football matches, including chanting by opposing teams. However Tottenham Hotspur’s own fans often do not help this by calling themselves the “Yid army”. Yid is an extremely derogatory term for a Jew.

A Hammersmith & Fulham Council spokesperson said: “We will not tolerate the sale of offensive and antisemitic merchandise on the streets of our borough. Trading Standards officers will continue their work, with the support of the club and their fans, to stop the sale of these deeply unpleasant t-shirts.”

Chelsea Football Club will also reportedly send representatives to check stalls surrounding Stamford Bridge before and after matches.

Sources: The Telegraph and The Evening Standard
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Starbucks employee writes “Bulls***” instead of name on Jewish man’s cup in Montreal

An Orthodox Jewish woman has posted on Facebook of her disgust after her husband gave a Starbucks employee his name as “Moshe” but found that the employee had instead written “Bulls***” on his order.

The Facebook post says that the incident took place at the Starbucks in Rockland Shopping Centre in Montreal, Canada.

Gitty Halpert Perl wrote that she felt tormented and unsure how to respond after her daughter begged her to ignore her instincts and leave quietly.

Starbucks posted on Facebook that it is looking into the incident.

Source: Facebook

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Greek bookstall caught selling antisemitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

A bookstall in Ioannina, Greece, has been caught selling the antisemitic Tsarist forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The book is an antisemitic text forged by Tsar Alexander’s secret police to incite pogroms against Russian Jews, and even now it is widely circulated in antisemitic circles. According to a survey by the Anti-Defamation League, two thirds of Greeks harbour antisemitic attitudes.

Source: CFCA/Against Antisemitism

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London petrol station cashier reportedly tells Jewish customer “I hate you guys”

Campaign Against Antisemitism received a report that on 9th December, a Jewish man was subjected to antisemitic abuse at a petrol station in Stamford Hill, London, when he went to pay for his petrol. According to the report, as he finished paying for his petrol, the cashier said, “I hate you guys,” to which the victim responded, “What do you mean?” The cashier then allegedly answered: “I hate you and all you Jewish people.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has discussed the matter with the Metropolitan Police Service, which has confirmed that they attended the incident and treated it as a racially or religiously aggravated incident intended to cause harassment, alarm or distress, which is an offence under the Public Order Act. However, the victim declined to give police a statement and no evidence was found to substantiate the allegation, so the police were left with no option other than to have a discussion with the alleged offender and close the case.

Shomrim, the volunteer Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, was introduced to the victim and helped him to make a statement to the police, but due to the absence of a corroborating second witness statement, police action was still not possible.

A spokesman for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “The police can only act when allegations are supported by evidence, including evidence from victims themselves wherever possible. Anybody who experiences antisemitism in person should first call the police, and then if it is safe to do so, they should try to capture video evidence using a smartphone and take the contact details of anyone else who witnessed the incident.”

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

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Man subjected to antisemitic abuse by blender demonstrator at Costco in San Francisco

A man shopping at Costco in the San Francisco Bay Area has uploaded a video of an employee ranting about Jews.

The man said: “I struck up a conversation with a Jewish guy in Costco in front of the Vitamox Blender Demonstration, when an employee interrupted to tell us that Jews need to go back where they came from. I asked her how that would be possible after what happened in WWII. She responded that Hitler never did anything wrong to the Jews and that they brought it on themselves.”

The employee said “Jews do not belong in Israel. It’s a Palestinian Country. They should go back to where they started.” When asked “where the Jews started”, the women replied “Europe”.

Source: CFCA/LiveLeak

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WH Smith removes Mein Kampf from branch in Jordan and promises franchise policy review in letter to CAA

Following the shocking revelation that a WH Smith branch was stocking Adolf Hitler’s antisemitic diatribe, Mein Kampf, on its “Bestselling Books” shelf, WH Smith’s CEO has written to Campaign Against Antisemitism promising swift action.

We were contacted by supporters who had read an article in The Jerusalem Post which showed photographs of an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf for sale at WH Smith at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. That Mein Kampf is a bestseller in many Arab countries is a sad reminder of the deep-rooted antisemitism across the Middle East, but we were nonetheless shocked to find WH Smith apparently catering to demand.

We immediately contacted the retailer and received a swift and unequivocal apology from CEO Steve Clarke.

WH Smith’s branch in the airport is operated by a franchised affiliate, and WH Smith can take no punitive action against the staff involved. The book has however been removed from the shelves and WH Smith has confirmed that stocking Mein Kampf is already banned under the company’s ranging policy which franchisees must obey. The company’s international management team are now reviewing their franchise policies following the incident to ensure that they are sufficiently robust should this reoccur.

We regret that the person who decided to stock Mein Kampf will almost certainly go without sanction or education, but we accept that is not within WH Smith’s power. We welcome WH Smith’s speedy and appropriate response.

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Austrian B&B owner fined €50 for refusing to accommodate Jewish guests

An Austrian bed and breakfast owner in Innsbruck has been fined €50 for refusing to accommodate Jewish guests. When a Jewish guest tried to make a booking, requesting a fridge they could use for kosher food, the owner of the bed and breakfast responded that she had consulted her husband and they had decided to decline the booking due to “bad experiences” with Jewish guests.

Source: Tiroler Tageszeitung

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Gazans can go to “Hitler” clothing shop to buy Jew-stabbing outfit

Gaza clothing shop “Hitler” has started equipping its mannequins with knives in a clear endorsement of the stabbing of Jewish civilians in Israel.

Photo: Shehab News Agency

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Walmart withdraws hooked prosthetic “Sheik/Fagin Nose” from sale after outcry

Following an outcry, Walmart has withdrawn a Hallowe’en accessory from its website. The hooked prosthetic nose was supplied by Morris Costumes, which appears to have been responsible for the nose’s description. Fagin is the name of a character in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist and is based on an antisemitic stereotype.

Photo: Jewish News

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Amazon sells antisemitic Arabic “encyclopedia” promoting Jew hatred and Holocaust denial

An antisemitic Arabic-language encyclopaedia has been discovered on Amazon, not for the first time. The book, entitled “The Jews, The Illus­trated Ency­clo­pe­dia” by Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan aims to educate about Jews and “their wicked­ness, trea­son, and decep­tion which they prac­ticed with all nations so not to be deceived by them and by their promises of false peace.”

Chapter 1 is summarised with a text box saying: “This demon­strates that most of the world’s nations couldn’t live in har­mony with the Jews because of the low char­ac­ter­is­tics they carry, such as the ill treatment of oth­ers, decep­tion, greed and vorac­ity which keeps resurg­ing over the ages.”

A section on the Holocaust says: “Through huge media and pro­pa­ganda cam­paigns, the Jews used what hap­pened at the hands of the Nazis, to a small num­ber of them, to gain emo­tional and finan­cial sup­port from states around the world.” It also claims that fewer than 20,000 Jews died in the Holocaust.

Photo: ADL

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Shopping centre stall’s swastika and Star of David logo removed

The Nirvana beauty product stall in West 12 Shopping Centre decorated its signage with a swastika inside a Star of David. The sign was removed following a complaint by Campaign Against Antisemitism. There has been no explanation from the stall’s management.