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Jewish man in London told by evangelist: “You’re Jewish so you think that you are superior to other people.”

A Jewish man from London sent in the following report:

I was sitting on a bench in Victoria Park, east London today when a man approached me and gave me a flyer for the Evangelical Reformed Church in Hackney. I politely said “No thanks”; he then held the flyer towards me and invited me to attend the church, at which point I said “No thanks, I’m Jewish” since this normally makes evangelists stop. “So you’re special, then,” he replied, before claiming that all types of people attend the church. “What do you mean by ‘I’m special’?” I asked. After repeatedly avoiding the question, he replied: “You said you’re Jewish so that means you think you’re special. You set yourselves apart from other people.” I continued to press him on what he meant my that and he eventually told me: “You’re Jewish so you think that you are superior to other people.” I told him that he is a racist, to which he replied, “I’m an evangelical. I want to save souls.” He remained calm and confident during the incident which left me feeling sickened.

Source: Reported to Everyday Antisemitism

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