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Jewish Malawian MP slams “half-hearted” apology after opposition MPs use antisemitic slurs

David Bisnowaty, a Jewish MP in Malawi has criticised the “half-hearted” apology for antisemitic slurs made by opposition MPs from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Lazarus Chakwera was apologising for antisemitic remarks made by MPs from MCP who branded Bisnowaty a “foreigner” and “Jew” after he remarked that there had been considerable hunger in Malawi during the MCP’s period as the only legally-permitted political party.

Bisnowaty said: “[My] grandmother was a Holocaust survivor and my mother was in a concentration camp for one year. I will not be intimidated by these antisemitic and racist remarks, especially from the MCP benches. They should know better that even Jesus Christ himself was a Jew.” He added though that he will now “forgive and carry on”.

The Speaker of the Malawian parliament roundly condemned the racist comments and ordered that they be struck from the official record.

Source: Nyasa Times

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