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Czech rock group may be axed over neo-Nazi leanings

The Czech Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) will examine the participation of the Ortel rock band associated with extreme right at the Saturday live transmission of the Czech Nightingale award-giving ceremony at the Nova television station, Czech Television said today.

Ortel finished in the second place in the Czech Nightingale and its singer Tomas Ortel, who had performed for the neo-Nazi group Conflict 88, was third in the category of male singers.

The founder of Ortel, who calls himself Tomáš Ortel, is also the founder of the neo-Nazi cult band Conflict 88. The number 88 is a neo-Nazi cryptogram for the Nazi greeting “Heil Hitler”.

Jan Chvojka, a deputy for the Social Democrats (CSSD), has filed a complaint about the performance of the group whose texts are often targeted against minorities. “The band is already moving beyond the edge of law,” Chvojka said.

“It provokes xenophobic moods, having an antisemite and chauvinistic background. I am of the view that such a group has no place at the prime time on the channel of the most watched commercial television station,” he added.

The Nova television station that broadcasts the programme said it could not see anything bad in the participation of the group and its singer.

Source: CTK National News Wire

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