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Irish performer who smashed TV with axe as part of “Holocaust Hoax” act jailed for five months

An Irish judge has jailed a Holocaust denier for five months for using performance art in a public square in Ennis to further his claims that the Holocaust did not take place. Dermot Mulqueen, aged 49, was jailed at Ennis District Court, for the lunchtime performance to a crowd of teenagers on 23rd January 2015, when he put an axe through a TV as part of his “Liberation of the Mind” act with which he intended to launch “International Holocaust Hoax Day”. He was convicted of breaching Section 9 of the Offensive Weapons Act and section 6 of the Public Order Act.

Mulqueen told the court: “I wasn’t breaking the law, I was breaking a taboo. There was nothing threatening about what I did.” In his statement to police, Mulqueen had said: “I found out that the Holocaust was a hoax in August 2013 after coming across a video by David Cole on Auschwitz on YouTube. I am not a racist but I have found out that the Holocaust was a hoax and I wanted to highlight this.”

In sentencing, the Judge Patrick Duncan said Mulqueen “may have a view and an interpretation of history, but it is an historical fact that the Holocaust was the greatest crime perpetrated against a section of mankind in the history of mankind”. According to the judge, by his actions Mulqueen had “behaved in the most offensive way, not merely towards a particular section of society but towards society generally”.

After sentencing, Mr Mulqueen was released on bail pending his appeal.

Source: CFCA/Irish Times

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