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Australian councillor suggests Jews are targeted because they “draw attention to themselves”

Oscar Lobo, a local councillor in Glen Eira, Australia, is reported to have claimed that Jewish people in Melbourne make themselves targets of attack by drawing attention to themselves.

During a debate about public security, discussing the issue of armed guards at Jewish public events, Lobo remarked, “Maybe people in that community wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked if they didn’t draw attention to themselves.”

The remark caused uproar and several colleagues condemned the statement as antisemitic. Amid calls to stand down and apologise, Lobo retracted his remark but failed to issue an apology. Instead, he reinforced his position a few days later, stating, “What I said was that they [Jewish people in Melbourne] were well protected by the Government and that all this extra security would only draw more attention to themselves.”

Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich has called on Lobo to “unreservedly apologise for his thoughtless and hurtful words.” Lobo has not responded.

Source: Herald Sun