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Jewish man hears spectators at imam’s trial threatening to kill him but court guards refuse to help

Last month it was reported that a Jewish man, who was attending the public hearing against Imam Abdallah I in Berlin, Germany, was called a “Jewish pig” by another member of the public during the hearing.

Reports have now emerged that the victim responded by remarking, “Shut up, you terrorist”. Following this response, the attacker and his group spoke amongst themselves in Arabic. The Jewish man was able to make out some words, including “kill” and “outside”.

The victim attempted to alert the judge, who did not react. He was then told by guards to stop disrupting the proceedings. This spurred on the attackers, who began kicking his chair. The victim left the courtroom in fear and approached two court security guards who told him, “If you’re scared, go to the police.”

The victim told Die Welt that he has not reported the incident to the police, as they have been unresponsive to a past attack he reported. Two months ago, he was verbally abused and spat at by a gang while travelling the Berlin underground system. This is the fourth such attack he has experienced in Germany and he reported the case to the police. The police advised him they would watch security camera footage and contact him. He did not hear from them again.

Source: Die Welt