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Antisemitic stranger carrying a knife caught by chance outside Toronto synagogue

On Saturday at the synagogue at the Bernard Betel Centre in Toronto, a man wearing a swastika was found to be acting suspiciously and carrying a knife.

A woman on her way out of the centre saw a man carrying two large bags. She approached him and asked what his business was at the centre, at which point he hurled a book at her. The woman sounded the alarm and the man was surrounded by congregants.

One congregant noticed that the man, described as being in his sixties and of European origin, was wearing a swastika pin on his shirt. When challenged, he claimed that he was wearing it not to support Nazism but in support of socialism. He added that he came to the community centre to get money, and that the “rich Jews” want others to be poor.

Police arrived after thirty minutes at which point the man was searched and found to be in possession of a knife and a toy gun. The action taken by the police remains unclear, but it has been reported that the man will probably be taken for psychiatric evaluation.

Source: CFCA/CIJ News

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