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14-year old viral poet called “filthy k*ke rat”, “jew rat”, told Jews are “lying demons”

A video of Royce Mann, a 14-year-old Jewish boy, reciting a poem called “White Boy Privilege” recently went viral on social media. However, the discussion provoked by the video was marred by the boy being targeted for dozens of antisemitic comments.

Many of the comments were critical of the perceived self-loathing white people have in relation to their ideas of white privilege, but one person wrote “”it’s not self-loathing, he’s Jewish, it’s a typical tactic of this group to subvert white gentile societies”. Others called him a “filthy kike rat” or said “That’s a Jew. Not a white person. How does one mistake a rat for an eagle?”, to which another replied that “Jews are filthy, lying demons”, whilst another said “Little jew rat is not white, once again a fucking filthy rat faced kike pretends to be white”.

Another said Jews “promote the anti-white narrative” and one asked “why are Jews always doing this?”

Other comments suggested that he should talk about “Jewish privilege”.

One comment described the Holocaust as “a big lie”, that “Jewish men are effeminate because their mothers control them” and that “Hitler pleaded for peace but all the Jews accepted was war”.

There were dozens of similar comments, which seem to have co-ordinated from antisemitic internet messageboards.