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Antisemitic abuse on Passau University campus, Germany

RIAS Nationwide Incident report: from Passau, Lower Bavaria, (south eastern Germany), 8th June 2016.

Two students were subject to antisemitic verbal abuse on Passau University campus.

On 8th June, at approximately 6pm, the two students were verbally abused by three men calling them “Dirty Jews”. Neither of the students was wearing any obvious ‘Jewish’ or ‘Israeli’ symbols, but the three men said that their targets looked like “typical Jews”.

The three men sat, with bare torsos, on a bench and were most likely inebriated. The reporter noted the three men singing an antisemitic song.

From their various and visible tattoos, it could be deduced that the men were associated with the extreme Right.

The antisemitic remarks were widely heard, but there was no immediate reaction from the other campus residents.

With thanks to RIAS – Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus. The Foundation for Research and Information (office) on Antisemitism.

Writer comment: Unfortunately, many people can be subject to unwanted approaches and remarks from drunken people on a night out or at other times in our daily lives. Even good-humoured interactions can feel intimidating. We are most often able to shrug it off, move along and forget about it. Indeed, it is often safer not to react, especially if you feel threatened.

However, targeted, habitual and dogged insults during one’s daily life, (in this case two students wandering on their campus), can eventually chip away at a person’s confidence and lead to them feeling unsafe. This is especially so, if you are in a space which is familiar to you, a place of work, a place which is essentially your home.