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Labour supporter: Antisemitism scandal is “Fake, Jewish, Hasbara Plot”

Yemmi Agbebi is a Labour member who has expressed support for Corbyn and senior Vodafone employee.  His social media suggests that he hold worrying views about both antisemitism in the Labour Party and Israeli Jews.

On 6th May 2016, Agbebi tweeted:  “Despite “FAKE JEWISH HASBARA” anti-Semitism PLOT, Muslim Labour candidate poised to win #London mayoral election

Two days previously, Agbebi tweeted that “Antisemitism is a get out of jail card for Zionists”.

Agbebi has described Israel as a “disgusting nation of self-righteous neo-Nazis” on both 1911th May and 4th May and as a coral of the most disgusting Species on Earth

A previous tweet on 13th April 2016, suggests that he believes that Israeli Jews cause the world’s moral evils, pogroms and apartheid.

On 10th April 2016, he tweeted that most American Jews “usually do the bidding of Meshiac Netanyahu“.

Agbebi is a senior Vodafone employee, working as Programme Director and Global Head of PPMO. Vodafone has a strong presence in Israel.


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