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New York girl forced out of high school by antisemitic abuse

A Father in New York has described how his daughter was forced out of her school by antisemitic abuse, stemming from political disagreements.

Marco Greenberg says that his daughter faced abuse after saying that “Religion in the extreme can cause violence and war. Just look at radical Islam”.

One student allegedly replied to this statement by saying “I’m going to rearrange your face”.

However, many comments focused on the girl’s Jewish identity, with her receiving comments like You white privileged Jewish bitch”, “Zionism is racism”, and “we’re not your Arab slaves”.

Greenberg said that the school failed to take his daughter’s complaints seriously, claiming that the principal simply “admonished our daughter for being ‘very opinionated’ and refused to take any concrete action…meaning free ad hominem attacks or threats of physical assault”.

The situation escalated even when the girl tried to contextualise her remarks by pointing out that radical Islam targets peaceful Muslims more than non-Muslims. Eventually, she was forced to move school following the harassment.