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Newsweek Middle East Editor’s antisemitic Twitter rant

An Editor of Newsweek Middle East has gone on an antisemitic rant on Twitter after her channel screened a documentary about the Israel-Palestine conflict littered with factual inaccuracies.

Leila Hatoum, the channels deputy senior editor, took to Twitter to dismiss those who had questioned the documentary, calling the critics “Zionist trolls”.

She also said that Jews are not semites, denying Jewish people their history and historical ties to both their own religion and their ancestral homeland. She references the Khazarian hypothesis, the discredited idea that Ashkenazi Jews (whom she falsely describes as the majority of the Israeli Jewry) have no ancient near eastern ancestry, writing “Something u should know, eastern-european are originally khazar tribes which converted to judaism. They do NOT have an israelite blood” and “Most jews in israel are not semits. They are descendants of europe’s khazar tribes, mixed hybrids, Ary etc. Whose ancestors adopted Judaism”.

She also wrote “hitler’s mom was jewish. prostitute who gave him an STD was jewish,his gf was jewish &his dr was jewish”.