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Corbynite “Momentum” activists targeted Jewish MP for deselection

Louise Ellman has called for “immediate action” after it was revealed that Momentum activists had specifically targeted the MP for deselection.

Momentum is a faction on the hard left of the party who were instrumental in Corbyn’s election.

Ellman, who is Jewish, has been critical of Corbyn’s treatment of the antisemitism scandal and has spoken on television on the issue frequently.

One activist wrote “Louise Ellman is ready for it to come up at every CLP and has that martyred/victim look on her face whenever it’s mentioned”, continuing “I think it’s suiting her, shoring up her strategy to displace the Left”. Accusing Jews of using antisemitism as a political strategy is inherently antisemitic, as it plays upon antisemitic canards of Jews manipulating politics, whilst simultaneously denying legitimacy to the Jewish experience of oppression.

Another said of Ellman’s view on Israel and Palestine that “it doesn’t require too much empathy to understand why a Jewish woman born in 1945 might have a major blind spot on this issue”.

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, Ellman said:

“The antisemitic remarks that have come to light in this report on Momentum in Liverpool Riverside CLP are disturbing – but sadly unsurprising given the nature of recent party meetings”

“In the past year the Israel-Palestine conflict has been raised at meetings with increasing regularity with the intention of stoking up divisions within the CLP. It is clear in this report that figures within Liverpool Momentum have an almost obsessive focus on the state of Israel.”

“Several party members, under investigation by Labour for their remarks at a recent CLP meeting, far from showing remorse for their appalling statements, have privately reinforced their views.”

“The Labour Party should have a zero-tolerance approach to such appalling behaviour.”